Gather all the
stages of your e-learning
content production
in only one solution.

Deduca is the only platform that brings together all the tools
to produce e-learning content in just one Suite.


Gather all stages of your project with Deduca

From hiring a team for producing the content, to the final delivery of the materials.

Production Management Module

Integrate functionalities and manage, from the start to the finish of the content production projects and courses, with pre-defined flows and automatic task triggering.

Reuse Module

Reuse disciplines, ready Objects and Learning Units produced for the creation of new content, with intelligent search by keyword.

Talent Module

Publish opportunities, rate the professional's performance by project, select registered professionals by area of expertise.

Registration Module

Create project flows once and replicate in all projects, define groups, involvement roles and produce content an disciplines more quickly.

Media Module

Using intelligent search, find Objects and Learning Resources to update or reuse in new courses.

Contracts Module

Create templates, search for contracts, sign digitally, create standards and make the process of hiring the production team transparent and agile.


Developed to simplify and
scale up your content
production for e-learning

Deduca is an intelligent platform which manages its own content, allowing the internal production of its own pedagogical material.


One tool, several solutions!

Features to optimize and accelerate your content production.
Deduca allows you to create pre-established production flows. Your team is going to be instructed on how to follow the production flows of your Education Institution’s disciplines. With this function, it is possible to create the flows with all the production stages first, and then assigning them to your projects. The pre-established production flows provide greater promptness in the management of the production.
● Create the flows once and apply them to all your projects.
● Create the stages of tasks and production.
● Apply the flows of production to the projects.
● Optimize the time of the production of your disciplines.
This is the main function of Deduca Platform. You are going to build up your e-learning disciplines from the Production Plan. In order to do this, you stipulate the stages of your production plan and you are able to do the production management.
● Sign up your team involved in the project. ● Assign the tasks
● Set up the production schedule.
● Follow and manage the e-learning content production.
It is time to stop losing information and materials amongst e-mails and folders! With Deduca’s Kanban, you get to command and to address all the activities and actions of your production team. Through that, it is possible to upload files, share comments and assign tasks. This way, you organize the flows of your production and keep all the information in the same platform.
● Use one Kanban for each project.
● Organize the tasks by stage of production.
● Move the tasks according to the progress o the actions.
● Have all the functions on the same platform.
With the detailed monitoring of the project, it is possible to follow the disciplines’ stage of production and, also, to anticipate possible delays. You can visualize all the ongoing, concluded and delayed actions or tasks on one single screen.
● Have quick views of the stage of the production of your e-learning materials.
● Make fast decisions and address the following actions.
● Follow up the progress of your disciplines production in real time.
● Produce statistics of production time.
On Deduca Platform, it is possible to stipulate dates and add actions such as automatic e-mail sending. Whenever an action is added, the involved team is going to be notified by e-mail with the orientation of what they have to do.
● Save time with automatic e-mail sending.
● Simplify the relationship with your production team.
● Delay alerts and reminders of tas conclusions.
● Optimize your production.
A people management system that gathers all the professionals of its base. Besides that, this function provides the advertisement of opportunities and the registration of new users interested in working in the institutions’ projects. Deduca’s Bank of Talents is a dynamic space that helps you to search for professionals by working areas and expertise.
● Professionals’ evaluations.
● Control the project’s history in which the professional has participated.
● Advertisement of new opportunities.
● Management of talents by working areas and expertise.

Media Bank

360º Intelligent Search

Validation Control

Materials Reuse

Contracts Control

Production Reports

Support and CS

Panel of Members

Activities Checklist

Opportunities Board


A Unique platform that brings together all the production tools

The institutions that use Deduca as a platform for the management and production of e-learning content, confirm the changes and gains after use.

"Deduca has made
a difference in our
production process"

Jonas Saraiva
e-learning Production Coordinator

"We have greatly
improved our processes
due to the platform"

Maurício Severo
Coordinator of the e-learning Sector

"Deduca allowed the
unification of our
production process"

Patrícia Menna Barreto
Analyst of e-learning

"In contact with the
institution's external agents,
Deduca was very efficient"

Arthur Menezes de Jesus and Guilherme Petry Rovadoschi
Educational Designers


Up to 100% growth in scaling up and 50% savings in resources and optimization in the development of new content

With Deduca your production gets staggered up to
Production time is reduced by up to
Resource savings are greater than


Why is Deduca
the right Platform
for your e-learning?